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In November 2020’s blog, “Diz’s: Where Locals Go and Where Everybody Knows Your Name”, we shared how our friendly team is ready to welcome you when you stop in for a meal. We enjoy introducing you to our team through our blogs and invite you to come in and meet all of us at 860 Elm Street!

Gary “Diz” – Owner, Operator, Chef

The story begins five decades ago when Manchester native Gary “Diz” Window and his five siblings each had to help prepare their family’s dinners. Sharing simple evening meals of comfort food with his family, little did this young boy know it would someday lead to the fulfilling of a life-long dream.

Fast forward to when Diz turned 16 and like most teenagers, needed to find a part-time job. In a fortuitous move, Diz opened the telephone book and starting in the A’s, stumbled across a long-time Manchester landmark, Angelo’s Restaurant, located on the corner of Hanover and Page Streets. Diz began working as a dishwasher immediately and worked his way into the kitchen, further developing his love of cooking. Not only did Diz learn how to cook, he got to experience the sense of a family business – something he brings today to his own restaurant.

Opening a restaurant is not for the faint-of-heart and those afraid of long hours and hard work. Two years ago, Diz and Judi were in Florida on vacation and as Diz says he had “the” epiphany of wanting to be his own boss and create his own space. After looking at a possible franchise option, Diz made the decision to open a downtown eatery offering an extensive menu of simple “American comfort food” made with high quality, fresh ingredients.

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