Gary (Diz) Window

Owner, Operator and Chef

Gary was nicknamed Diz by his oldest brother when he was just four years old. They were watching a movie about legendary baseball player and chatterbox Dizzy Dean. Gary, like Dean, would not stop talking throughout the movie and has been known as Diz to his family and close friends since. His life-long obsession has been to own his own restaurant – one he realized in early 2020 with Diz’s. He’s enjoyed a long and varied career in hospitality in the kitchen and operational and executive management at establishments including Angelo’s restaurant, Heather & Rolf’s, Wendy’s, TR Brennan’s and Shorty’s Mexican Roadhouse with Billy. Born in Manchester and a Memorial High School and UNH graduate with a degree in hotel administration, he’s glad to be living and working downtown in his hometown.

Why Manchester?
I have a large family and most of them are still located in and around Manchester. It’s always been home to me. 

What’s your favorite place in Manchester?
The Northeast Delta Dental Stadium when the Fisher Cats are in town to play baseball. I love baseball and the history of the game, and it’s great to have a double A baseball team right in our backyard.

What’s your favorite Manchester memory?
I remember going to Strawberries record store on South Willow Street (where Staples is today) as a kid and buying my favorite albums.

Why are you psyched about Diz’s?
Opening my own restaurant gets me excited because I can surround myself with people that can help me put out a product exactly the way I know it should be. It’s fun!

Gary “Diz” Window