Colby - Diz's Cafe

Our recent blog, “Diz’s: Where Locals Go and Where Everybody Knows Your Name”, we mentioned how our team is ready to welcome you when you stop in for a meal at 860 Elm Street. In our next few blogs, we’re taking the opportunity to introduce you to some of our friendly team members, anxious to say hello to you!


Colby has been greeting our guests as customer liaison since the day we opened in May 2020. In addition to making you comfortable during your visit, Colby also helps with Diz’s social media presence, spends a little time behind the bar learning the ropes from Billy, and decorates with Judi. And, Colby might just be one of the only team members with a drink named after him – ask for the “Colby Coffee Craze” which will be updated soon for the holiday season!

While Colby has worked in other restaurants before, what he enjoys most about his work with us is how he feels like he is part of a supportive, welcoming and kind team.  His favorite Diz’s meal? A customized flatbread, with chicken, bacon and ranch dressing!

A few fun facts about this aspiring tattoo artist? Not only does he have 19 tattoos (some which he designed himself), he loves to draw animals and enjoys being creative with make-up. Check out his Halloween costume from this year to see his handiwork!

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