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In November 2020’s blog, “Diz’s: Where Locals Go and Where Everybody Knows Your Name”, we shared how our friendly team is ready to welcome you when you stop in for a meal. We enjoy introducing you to our team through our blogs and invite you to come in and meet all of us at 860 Elm Street!

Jeff, Line Cook

Are you a fan of the “perfect” omelette? We can help. Or more appropriately, Diz’s Cafe cook Jeff can! Jeff says while omelettes “can be fussy”, they are his favorite meal to prepare! 

Jeff’s path to making the perfect omelette and becoming a great cook began years ago when he worked with Diz, Billy and Mel at another local eatery. Jeff worked his way up to becoming a kitchen manager with Diz, and then moved to another local eatery where he learned how to cook breakfast. He has now brought all of his culinary skills to Diz’s, where he is pleased to once again share his passion of cooking with Diz. 

Like many of our team members, this Manchester resident has been with us at 860 Elm Street since we opened our doors in May 2020. When you aren’t seeing Jeff walking to our front door to begin his work day, you will find him outside! From mountain biking to hiking in Rock Rimmon Park, sometimes Jeff slows down just a bit to read and watch documentaries – and to tend to over 50 house plants!

Jeff’s pride in his work, like that of all of our team members, is obvious! Come in and say hello to Jeff – and have one of his “perfect” omelettes!

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