Diz’s first Celebrity Restaurateurs Event was held on Wednesday, January 19th hosted by Diz and Judi’s daughter Abbie and and son-in-law, Joe Crepeau. Abbie & Joe developed a great special menu of food and drinks for everyone to enjoy. Bonnie & Frank’s Frito Burrito was a HUGE hit!
They saw many friends from their high school days, coworkers from St. Mary’s Bank and Walmart Distribution, as well as many family members who joined in the fun and helped to support their chosen non-profit NH Breast Cancer Coalition (for Joe’s mom, Bonnie, who is a survivor!)

See Abbie & Joe’s menu choices and all their PHOTOS from their Celebrity Restaurateurs Night


Join all of our CELEBRITY RESTAURATEURS on the 3rd Wednesday of the month through May. Each celebrity will develop a special menu of food and drinks with 10% of the proceeds going to their favorite non-profit!
Upcoming events include:

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