Parking for Diz's Downtown Manchester NH

We’re locals, restaurateurs, neighbors and friends who run a café designed for the community we’ve called home for decades. We also understand that some of you, even those who visit Downtown often, don’t know how easy it is to park. There are insider things you should know. For example diz-ya-know

  • Sunday’s you can park anywhere downtown for free?
  • Saturday’s you only pay if you park on Elm Street?
  • Franklin Street runs parallel to Elm Street and you can cut through Cat Alley (aka: Dean Ave) and hang a left to get to Diz’s?
  • That there is 10 hour parking on Middle Street, which is steps from Cat Alley?

Below is a Google Map of where Diz’s is located and how to cut through Cat Alley from Franklin or Middle Streets to get to Diz’s for lunch, supper or weekend breakfasts.


Want more information about parking Downtown Manchester, NH? Visit the City’s extensive website: City of Manchester Parking.

Another cool thing about parking in Downtown Manchester is that you can now pay through a phone app called Passport Parking. It’s quick and easy and doesn’t cost anything until you actually park!

So there are no more excuses…. come visit us for Lunch and Supper Monday through Saturday and don’t forget Breakfast on Saturday and Sundays starting at 8:30AM.
Pssst… you can order online and pull up to our 15 minute parking spot too.


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