Witch Women - Nightmare on Elm Street - Diz's Theme Night

While Manchester’s version of Nightmare on “Elm Street” isn’t as scary as Wes Craven’s 1984’s Halloween classic movie, the team at Diz’s Cafe likes a good thriller to celebrate Halloween with all kinds of ghosts, goblins, witches, zombies, nuns(?) and more!

After customer liaison Kendall handed out candy to local kids as part of the city’s annual Trick-or-Treat at City Hall event Friday, on Saturday, October 30th, Diz’s lead the way as people from all over the city descended on Elm Street to participate in our very own version of Nightmare on Elm Street… starting at 860 Elm!

The “Holy Ghost-ess” (okay, it was Judi!) and our aptly dressed team served such delicacies as Bloody Potato Skins, Grilled Zombie Flesh with Maggots (or as some might say, marinated balsamic chicken breasts) and Dahmer’s Delight (spaghetti and meatballs). And from behind the bar, such potent potables and witches’ brews like Deadly Nightshades, Black Magic Margaritas and Living Dead Girl Appletinis served with eyeball garnishes (if you dared!). From dark and mysterious music (Cher’s “Dark Lady” to the Eagles’ “Hotel California”) to costumes and decorations, Diz’s Café knows how to treat (did we mention our Spinning Wheel of Diz-Treats?) – and not trick – our guests! 

Don’t be scared… here are the photos. It was a Nightmare on Elm Street

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