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Eating Healthier in 2021?
Diz’s Got You Covered!

When the calendar turns to a new year, many of us put pen to paper and create the infamous list of things (okay, let’s go ahead and call them resolutions) we’d like to improve upon or to try in the new year. If you are looking for inspiration on resolutions, check out this recent list of 55 (yep, 55!) resolutions for happier and healthier living.

If any of your resolutions involve eating healthier, Diz’s Café has got you covered! How? It’s easy!

  • If you are following the Mediterranean or Mayo Clinic diets which emphasize fruit, vegetables, fish and other whole foods, our House Salad with seasoned garlic shrimp is a perfect choice!
  • Is the low-carb, high fat Keto diet more your speed? Come on in and try one of our delicious burgers (hold the roll!)! Or may we suggest you create something from our Diz’sign A Dish menu – like marinated steak, veggies, cauliflower rice and Dizspinaca?
  • Going vegetarian in 2021? Our Grilled Veggie Flatbread and a side of our tasty mac and cheese will not only keep you on track – but are totally delicious!

Remember, the average length of time it takes to create a new habit or behavior is 66 days. No matter what your 2021 resolutions may be, sticking to them can often be a little tougher than you may think, but this article has seven great tips to help develop that new habit.

We look forward to seeing you soon (contactless take-out and delivery are always available) and wish you well with your happier and healthier living resolutions!





Keto-lovers – Dizspinaca can be ordered with just veggies!


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