Reliving Woodstock at Diz's Cafe 08.21.2020

Abandon your car on the highway and head to the “Reliving Woodstock” field at Diz’s this Friday night, August 21st from 5pm-9pm for another of Diz’s famous Theme Nights. Come as you are or slide on your bellbottom jeans, tie-die shirts and join us for supper. Diz’s and Billy  few specials for your enjoyment. #WowMan #Groovy #Peace #Love

Give-aways, door prizes, and make-your-own fun in our spacious dining room. Diz’s provides tables of 1-6 people, both inside and outside. Enjoy time with family and friends. #SummertimeAtDizs

“I’m Baked” Potato Skins at Dizs Cafe

“I’m Baked” Potato Skins . . . $8.99
Potato skins topped with bacon bits, Dizspinaca and green onions with sour cream for dipping

Steak Hash with Wavy Gravy

Steak Hash with Wavy Gravy . . . $8.99
Slow-cooked steak and potato hash topped with Diz’s savory beef gravy.

Diz’s Magic Mushrooms at Dizs Cafe

Diz’s Magic Mushrooms . . . $7.99
Hand-battered deep fried mushrooms with house made ranch for dipping

Rolling Around in the Mudslide at Diz's Cafe

Rolling Around in the Mudslide . . . $9.99
Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua coffee liqueur and milk

Purple Haze_Diz's Cafe

Purple Haze . . . $8.99
Absolut Citron vodka, Chambord, muddled mint, fresh lime and lemonade topped with club soda

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