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Updated: June 1, 2023
Eat – Drink – Have Fun. It’s pretty simple. Diz’s always has something going in Downtown Manchester, NH. Here is our list of 2023 events.  You can relive the fun through the links to our photo albums! There are many types of events. We’ve categorized them below with links to pictures of the past events. Also, here is the link to Diz’s Downtown Impact Calendar.

Coming up in June: 6/10 – Wizard of Oz #SSMHT and 6/16 Magnum PI & Look Alike Contest


From Wizard of Oz  to Magnum PI – Fun at Diz’s – June 2023

2023 #SecondSaturdayMHT

SecondSaturday MHT initiate with small, individualized events and discounts at Downtown Businesses giving people multiple reasons to come Downtown on Saturdays. Diz’s #SSMHT events include:

2023 Celebrity Restaurateur Nights

2023 Theme Nights

  • 6/16/23 – Magnum PI & Look Alike Contest
  • 7/21/23 – Backyard BBQ
  • 8/18/23 – Masquerade Ball: Masks and Mimosas
  • 9/16/23 – Alice in Wonderland
  • 10/20/23 – Who Dunit: Bill the Bartender’s Escape
  • 11/17/23 – Thanksgiving Supper
  • 12/15/23 – Have Yourself a Merry Little Dizmas

2023 Diz’s Downtown Impact Calendar

Events that add to Diz’s fun in Downtown include: Taco Tour, Arts & Crafts Fair, Cruising Downtown, parades, expos, conferences, meetings, movies in the Park and shows at the Palace & the Rex and SNHU Arena.


Diz’s bulk ordering helps you plan your lunches, meetings, business and family gatherings. We are also able to hold small, private events for families and class reunion on Sunday afternoons.

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