Diz's Meets Creepy Santa

For many of us, we know the Christmas season is coming when holiday commercials start appearing on television (usually about Labor Day!) or when the elevator music switches from bad instrumentals of 1970 and 80’s rock ballads to bad instrumentals of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” and “Frosty the Snowman”. But if you are a Manchester native, the arrival of the infamous “Creepy (or Demented) Santa” and Christmas tree lot is what really marks the beginning of the season!

The once vacant lot at the corner of Elm and Salmon street is now filled with bulldozers, cranes and construction trailers as the lot will soon become the headquarters for Members First Credit Union. Thus leaving us all to wonder how will a Manchester native know the Christmas season is mere weeks away?

Rest easy, Diz’s Cafe friends, the Creepy Santa (as well as the Christmas tree lot!) is back for 2020! The Creepy Santa moved to his new home this past weekend next to the Masonic Temple at 1505 Elm Street, conveniently located just a few short blocks up the street from our own front door! 

Come see the Creepy Santa at his new home. When you do, please make sure to swing by Diz’s Cafe at 860 Elm Street for lunch or supper (or breakfast on the weekends!) – or perhaps a pour from our counter! Our wonderfully casual and warm atmosphere is the perfect place to spend leisurely time with friends and family!

P.S. You can follow and post your selfies with the Demented (aka: Creepy) Santa to his Facebook fan page!

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