Tea Time at Diz's

Back in the day, when Judi and all of her siblings, partners, and kids, spent all day at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, to either help babysit or to drop of their kids to play with the cousins.  The Aunts/Uncles and Grandparents would entertain the kids from early morning until later that night when everyone gathered for “Saturday Night Supper”. Most of the time there were 25-35 people at the supper table(s).

Around 3pm, after chasing the kids, drying them off from the pool, feeding them lunch, thinking up things to do (like using a salt shaker to catch squirrels) — The “babysitters” and the kids were tired. That is when “TEA TIME” was born. We’d set up little tea cups for the kids with a spread of cheese and crackers…. and the adults, well, the adults would have adult beverages. We didn’t want the kids to know we drinking so we invested “Tea Time.” — So join us at Diz’s for Tea Time starting at 3pm. The kids (bosses) will never know!

Follow Tea Time antics at Diz’s:

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