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When Traveling Outside of the United States to Enjoy Great Food Isn’t Possible…

 …come join the Diz’s Café team as we host Diz’s International Wednesdays! Like you, we miss traveling. We miss experiencing new sights, sounds – and most importantly, food.

In January, we hosted our first “trip” around the world for delicious food when we “visited” Italy and offered a three-course meal of an appetizer, main dish and dessert. Many of you enjoyed our “platto principate” course of lasagna al forno or chicken marsala and hopefully, were transported on a quick trip to Rome, Florence, Venice or Milan!

In February we celebrate the city of love – Paris! From the music to the evening’s menu we seamlessly traveled to France. 

On the second Wednesday of each month, we hope you will join us as we continue our trip around the world. Our next trip will be on Wednesday, March 10th when we visit Greece. Be watching for our special menu on social media soon and you can enjoy your meal with us at 860 Elm Street – or take-out and delivery are always available!

Is there a country (or a city) you’d like to take a food “visit” to? Email us with your suggestion! [email protected] 

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