Gary Diz Window_Diz's Cafe_10212012

by: Judi Window, Diz’s not-so-silent partner

There are two reasons we used the name Diz’s Cafe. The first is because Gary’s nickname is Diz. That is a whole story unto itself. What I really want to write about is how our family and our Son-in-Law, Joe, started a website several years ago. The just-for-fun website focused on sports, music and food. Although the website and it’s sports podcasts are long gone, the food videos still live on. The food videos were called “Diz’s Cafe.” Diz and I came up with the idea while on vacation at Niagara Falls. You can watch all 15 of the old videos, along with a Diz’s Cafe video Diz and Billy produced while at home during the COVID-19 shut down earlier this year. Watch them at Diz’s Cafe a playlist on YouTube.

Below is our most popular video from October 21, 2012. Diz’s gives homage to Angelo’s Restaurant, where Diz worked from the age of 16 until he graduated from college and again through their transition and sale to TR Brennan’s. We hope you enjoy these fun videos. Since I was the videographer, you’ll see rare insights into Diz’s usually guarded personality. Let us know what think. Should Diz do more cooking videos?

If you want to cook along with Diz, prepare the following ingredients to make Chicken Italiano: 5lbs Chicken Breasts – 1lb Butter – 2T Oregano – 2T Garlic – Tool Tall Tom’s To Taste – 1lb Bread Crumbs – 1lb Parmesan Cheese / Alfredo Sauce Ingredients: 2 Quarts Heavy Cream – 2lbs Feathered Parmesan Cheese – 1/4lb Butter – 1lb Fettuccine

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