Grab your partner and do-si-do downtown to Diz’s Wild Wild West [Side of Elm Street] this Friday night, August 14th from 5pm-9pm for another of Diz’s famous Theme Nights. Come as you are or exchange your surgical mask for a bandanna and put on your boots and cowboy [aka bovine-people’s] hat and join us for supper.

Diz’s is cooking up some grub and few new specials. And Wild-Billy has concocted some saloon favorites. Ask him about his cowboy-boot-kickers.

Give-aways, door prizes, and make-your-own fun in our spacious dining room. Diz’s provides tables of 1-6 people, both inside and outside. Enjoy time with family and friends. #SummertimeAtDizs

Diz's Tombstone Burrito
Tombstone Burrito . . . $12.99
10 inch flour tortilla stuffed with grilled tenderloin steak, hearty chili, mashed potatoes, corn and cheddar/jack cheese. Finished with Dizspinaca, sriracha, guacamole and sour cream


Diz's_Blazing Saddles Chili
Blazing Saddles Chili . . . $9.99
16 oz. bowl of our hearty beef chili.  Served with corn tortilla chips, sour cream and cheddar/jack cheese


Diz's_Cowgirl Peach Palmer

Cowgirl Peach Palmer . . . $8.99
Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey, Peachtree Schnapps, lemonade and fresh brewed iced tea


Saloon Smash . . . $8.99
Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey, fresh mint, fresh squeezed lime and ginger ale


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